SEE THIS:- Igbos Don’t Beg, They Don’t Suffer, They Are Rich – See What Some Igbos Were Caught Doing

I’m not a tribalistic person ooo but the rubbish the Igbo’s are doing lately is disgusting!!

In the last 3 weeks, I have seen News of Igbo caught with drugs paraded by the NDLEA.

I just saw one now and I decided to put up this post. We don’t beg blah blah blah – See the rubbish these ones are caught doing 🤣🤣

Assuming these ones succeded in delivering the Drugs, they will now be super rich and will start saying Tinubu should continue with the hardship.

Igbos have mind to do anything just for Money – this is what other tribes lack which makes Igbo people see them as poor people.

Well, other tribes will continue with the protest because they cannot involve themselves in any shady deals.

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