SO SAD!!! Starboy Terri Cries Out For Help Concerning His Music Career

Despite his affiliation with Wizkid, Starboy Terri recently took to social media to express his frustration and seek support from netizens for his music.

Terri, who was signed to Wizkid’s record label, Starboy Entertainment, in 2018 after covering one of Wizkid’s songs, seems to be struggling. His recent E.P. release has not gained much attention.

Fans have observed that Wizkid has not been very vocal in supporting Terri compared to how other labels promote their artists.

Terri lamented online, sharing that despite his efforts in his music career, he has not received significant recognition.

He revealed that he has been caught in the middle of a fan war and has been subjected to cyberbullying.

Terri pleaded with Nigerians to focus on his music and not ignore him due to his association with Wizkid.

In his words:-

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