WAHALA!! Farmer Vows To Sell Crate Of Eggs For N10K If Minimum Wage Rises To N105K

A Nigerian farmer as sparked controversy on social media as he vows to increase the cost of selling a crate of eggs to N10K amidst the ongoing deliberation to increase the minimum wage to N105K.

This came following the suspended strike by the organised labour which was aimed at increasing the former minimum wage from N30,000 to N494,000 but was cut down by the Federal Government to N105K.

Amidst the ongoing minimum wage meeting for the N105K, a farmer took to the micro blogging platform, X, to share the effect of raising his workers’ wages to N105K.

According to him, to be able to meet up with the proposed new minimum wage, he would have to increase the prices of his eggs, which stands currently at about N4,000 to N10,000.

In his words:

“Increase salary to N105,000, expect me to sell a crate of egg for N10,000. It’s that simple.”

“Nigerians are way too emotional to have a rational conversation with. A ton of Corn is N820,000, yet they want N30 eggs and N1,200 chickens whilst you pay your staff N105,000 , it’s insanity at this point.”

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